Why Do Mattresses Use Them

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Why Do Mattresses Use Them

Post by moonswamp on Sun Sep 12, 2010 12:26 pm

So it is mattresses pass the test?

First, the flame retardant, used by 1633 the mortality test. Each Novosbed mattress with two covers: micro-fiber, flame retardant cap. The latter is managed by the flame retardant polyester fiber, to reduce the degree, which is almost non-combustible. Some mattress manufacturers were built directly on the molecular structure of polyester flame retardant properties.

How to slow or stop the treatment of burns?

In a fire, for the treatment of chemical reactions in natural fibers and fabrics tar gas, converting it into carbon-carbon (residual), which will reduce the burning rate of a sharp increase in the tissue.

It triggers some time to run?

Flame retardant fabric will slowly dissipate over time, especially frequent and repeated cleaning. He recommends dry cleaning and non-liquid cleaning cloth.


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