the shoe industry monopoly store in Chengdu release a series thanksgiving activity

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the shoe industry monopoly store in Chengdu release a series thanksgiving activity

Post by leaveme on Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:32 am

Chengdu the shoes of the manufacturing have been having no their own stores in Chengdu market.March, this year.Chinese women's shoes all the monopoly store land in Chengdu for the very first time.Celebrate great occasion of nation.
For the sake of support of the thankful Chengdu citizen.The all prosperous fairy Ni monopoly store of Chinese women's shoes waits shoe factory in Chengdu.Will face to citizen in Chengdu to release a series thanksgiving activity during the period of great occasion of nation."I bought a pair of single shoe of prosperous fairies Nis.Just more than 100 dollars.Be dressed in to go shopping.None of 1:00s beats feet.The quite a few that bought before 100 shoes' just starting wearing will beat feet.The shoes quality that Chengdu produces by himself/herself isn't bad.
The price isn't expensive either.So native brand in Chengdu is worth supporting."Many citizen all say.From the end of last year to this year.Shoe industry in Chengdu is very greatly influenced.Is citizen in Chengdu Be affirmative to want to support they's brand.The shoe of manufacturing in Chengdu comfortable Chengdu sets up a monopoly store.The factory direct selling had been practicing mode.Make the citizen able to buy good shoes of quality by lower price.


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