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Who will become the winner of end

on Tue Mar 29, 2011 12:18 am
All of them are to passively wait for making shoe factory
house to choose a merchandise.The hardware goes together with the decoration is
in the whole industry chain be placed in downstream most.The active power done
not produce."Price war" is the only way that they loot a market.At present.The
ages that is won victory by price already a don't reply to return.

"Manufacturing in China" arrives the
transformation of the utmost urgency of "China creates".Now.Chinese
every trades all face the present condition of "greatly shuffle
cards".The women's MBT Scarpe shoes hardware goes
together with to decorate a dealer to think the situation"manage with
great pains" change.Have to become passive to accept for create on one's
own initiative.The writer sees fit to 2 to commence from the following:First is
create brand.Create a market.Know to all.In economy of consumer that is full of
a choice.The brand plays an important role.The product of brand and pure
meaning is completely two different concepts.

The brand is to consumer.Its value wants to far is far
larger than the function that the product provides.The dealer should skillfully
make use of the strength of brand to become passive is active.Guide a
market.Create a market.Fight for more words powers.Secondly change a management
management system."Processing plant" business model of change
simplicity.Build up a development troops with real strenght.Walk out to
understand world dynamic state.Time the confidence spread information.Walk on
the vogue forever of before follow.The financial crisis not only brought a
difficulty.Also brought opportunity and challenge.Who first and bravely exceed
a square one.Who will become the winner of end.
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