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10% business enterprises occupied 90% resourceses

on Fri Mar 25, 2011 2:08 am
In order to being not familiar with operation.All sound out
sex ground to open 12 stores.Well done do.Don't and very don't do.So our for
the domestic sale have been carrying on very slowly.Everyone knows.Doing is for
the domestic sale, do brand don't have 5-10 years is do don't get up.The
devotion needed continuously.But this liking the principle of the Zheng"quick
money" with owner in Dongguan obviously doesn't agree with.Compare under.

The mindset of ground shoe Qis, such as Fukien and
Wenzhou.etc. very some.They know that the investment that is ex- to expect is
necessary.They know to wait for.So Fukien and business enterprise in Wenzhou
obtained a first timing in the local market.Fortunately.The MBT
shoe Qi of Dongguan has already started realizing this.Although
starting is slower than somebody else.But do for the domestic sale, do brand
should be a trend.Allow blessing glory:Business enterprise in Dongguan really
walks too late in the for the domestic sale aspect.So when the somebody else
read a senior high school.You just ascend kid's park.How to compete with
somebody else.Your brand wants to get into market.

A can not raise the image of somebody else's market;Two can
not promise to sell quantity.Can not bring market profits.And not just the
relation door of market.Can be according to the rule of new entrant:Protect
bottom sale for three months how much.The business enterprise attained to
leave.Can not do it and then please to go out.So the for the domestic sale
start is very difficult.It is another.Now local market but talk.First is
resources in the market of athletic shoes have already been finished dividing
by minority of tycoons.
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