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European consumer and business enterprise

on Thu Mar 17, 2011 12:08 am
European consumer and business enterprise will lose to count
EUR 100000000.Spokesman Yao of commerce department news is hard
to"decide" to announce a conversation to point out for EU.The
Mainland compromises this resort WTO point of dispute solution
mechanism.Yesterday.The capital from Taiwan business enterprise in the Wan six
industry incorporated company president Mr. Guos of Joe tell a reporter.Though
his entrepreneur wants to produce slippers.Is basic the influence for being
free from this anti-dumping duty.

But understand according to him.The part is subjected to
Taiwanese business people of this influence also at now consultation.Hope to
continue to protest against.Oppose the anti-dumping duty of this absurdity.Pay
attention to EU market to recover November 19 this year most .EU prolonged a
plan to the anti-dumping duty that China and the MBT Scarpe shoes from
Vietnam advertises for for 15 month to once be denied.This increases for fierce
EU order of parts of Wan Qis.The gold enters a shoe industry(Dongguan) limited
company representative director, Wang Jin Yang, tell a reporter.Probably EU
cancel prolongs the news of anti-dumping duty 1.The order of business
enterprise is immediately many to get up."

A week inside.The order received by us lined up February,
next year.Lined up April more now."Wang Jin Yang says.In addition to the
gold enters a shoe industry.Many shoe Qis all at 11 met EU order to suddenly
and violently increase before or after by the end of the month of
circumstances."This time anti-dumping duty though reborn mishap.But have
already signed good order can't be subjected to influence."Quan in
Dongguan has a shoe industry product limited company manager Liu Rong Sheng
tell a reporter.As for in the future the alignment of EU export market.
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