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have slow earthquake function from Taiwan

on Wed Mar 16, 2011 12:01 am
Transplant an athletics game.Become shoe Qi to speed the
head that the brand extends to choose.The gram group becomes a NBA the United
States, European basketball league match and CBA sponsor.Or Uzbekistan, Greece
etc. basketball brigade in nation cooperates a colleague;Anne steps, the Hong
star Er Ke company make a contract tennis game in the world.Become the
cooperation colleague of the meeting of foreign Ao Wei.

In 100"national name card" that releases in
Chinese brand institute for research.Anne steps, gram two shoe brand the row is
among them.The whole country is 15 existing athletic MBT Scarpe shoes"Chinese
famous brand product"s.The spring state had 11.Create the direct effect of
brand.It is a shoe exit unit price to significantly raise.The spring state shoe
exit all price already from 20062.USD 56/double.Rising to is current of 3.USD
91/double.Soar 52.73%.The independence develops.Rob to have science and
technology system Gao Dian.The beginning of the year.27 large shoe Qis in
Fukien province arrive virtuous, the idea, day bought more than 3000 sets of
the forerunner make a shoe equipments.Make use of strength for development for
the new equipments enlargement product.

Continuously release high additional value product.Tread
companies to release the Na rice that the nations lead especially silver
anti-virus athletic shoes.The yearly production breaks 1,500,000 pairs;Anne
steps "Xin technique" of company independence development.Provide a
special arch form to slowly shake system and flexible material for shoe;The Rui
great Xie Ye company ushers in the shoes that"well ventilated film"
production will breathe from Italy.The product that ushers in "JAKA"
to reduce to shake system production to have slow earthquake function from
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