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shoes exit in Guangdong is inflicted a heavy losses

on Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:40 pm
Day said before the commerce department news, the Chinese
resident WTO delegation had already addressed a letter to a WTO delegation of
EU, EU bring up to the anti-dumping measure that China shoes adopts WTO point
of dispute solution mechanism under of negotiate to request, formally initiate
WTO point of dispute solution procedure.

This is undoubtedly a news that is worth fig uping to shoes
export business enterprise in Guangdong.EU to the impact of China shoes
anti-dumping, first hit in Guangdong.The reporter understands, at 4 years, EU
carries out anti-dumping measure to China Vibram Five Fingers shoes, parts
of EU buy a company the change buy a policy and transfer into order Indonesia
is from China region, Cambodia, Vietnam etc. ground, parts of factories in
Guangdong province even 1 pair don't stay.Guangdong is greatly influenced by
anti-dumping"Guangdong is subjected to EU to influence one of in the
biggest provinces to China shoes anti-dumping.

"EU should say to general secretary Guo Wei Wen of
alliance to China shoe product anti-dumping, the Europe and America are two
regions of biggest shoe export in Guangdong, national shoe exit three provinces
in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Fukien probably have 70% quotas, while Guangdong has
whole country export quota of 30% is or so, and Guangdong province is to regard
processing trade as principle, therefore being subjected to anti-dumping impact
is the biggest."
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