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The be located in "Chinese shoe are all" Wenzhou

on Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:39 pm
The be located in "Chinese shoe are
all" Wenzhou, Zhejiang of a commonness system shoe of the biggest run by
private capital system in China shoe business enterprise worker, Chen Jian Lin,
just between each car in in earnest operate machine.He knows.About 1000 pairs
of shoeses handled every day.May be carried to Europe or the United States
after few months.But don't know that the U.S. Congress raised the hearing
concerning Reminbi exchange rate of a style of committee and oneself to have
last night many toll - gates to fasten.

He the at present biggest wishes is to earn
more some money.Then the ability buys a set of presentable house at old house
county city.But Xu Xiao Jie knows."The Ao Kang exports a MBT
shoes annually 4,000,000 pairs is nearly.Mainly be engaged in
there are more than 2000 workers in the Ou northland border industry park that
the foreign trade order produces.Once Reminbi revalues.Influence include much
big obvious."In fact.Not only Chinese department concerned and profession
association are in heavy Qi Reminbi stress test now.Is positive spokesman Yao
is hard on Tuesday such as the commerce department news say of so."To
so-called Reminbi exchange rate appreciation stress test.

There is a Zhang in each business
enterprise heart."3 the end of the months of Wenzhou is suddenly warm
still cold.Wenzhou even the domestic system shoe industry of at that moment
situation.Revalue in Reminbi the shadow cover with under.Just like this
weather.It is cold warm to be recognized with difficulty.Reminbi exchange rate
is a life imprisonment to mention "Reminbi".Operate work Chen Jian
Lin what to thought of is the building price of old house first.The old house
of Chen Jian Lin is in the Xiang Fan Zao in Hubei sun City."
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