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They similarly frolic in the waves son

on Fri Feb 18, 2011 11:17 pm
They similarly frolic in the waves son.The
international well-known brand bears in 1984 gram to do factory in the spring
state investment.Hence.Is a pull the plank car is from of the Chuan-chou person
accumulate Zan down with several years of save.And the east lends the west
gathers together of the funds do to have a shoe industry processing
plant.Prepare to carry on a kit to process for bearing a gram of brand
product.However.The processing plant cover has.Bear the factory of gram but
move out.This Chuan-chou person defies spirit.The decision also makes an own
brand.Call a gram.That year is 1989.This Chuan-chou person is a geneses person
of gram.Allow view south."In the 90's in last century and before.

Jin river mostly the private enterprises
all is an OEM labor for person.But in fact.Fukien did the labor's advantage at
that time not as strong as Guangdong.After getting into the 90's in last
century.Many manufacturers who make MBT Scarpe shoe start changing
management strategy.Try to do brand.The gram was one of the business enterprise
that created brand at the earliest stage at that time."Allow ambition
China to say.He is to allow the son of the south of view.It is the chief
executive officer of Pi Ke company at present.Is positive such as Xu Zhi Hua
say.That is a collective change.1993.It is pleased to get company dragon to
establish at the river of Jin.1994.A the system shoe workshop of the Jin river
doorway hanged up sign for the first time.Anne steps.The D sets up also own ten
thousand matter joy the shoe factory change name to don't gram company.Start
producing from there are brand athletic shoes.

Afterwards because of with don't gram car
of trademark problem.Change name 361 degrees.But come out for same years of a
brand still Jordan.They became "Jin the river fastenned" that
expected at the earliest stage."Embrace regiment" is with"heel breeze".It
is Jin river to fasten one big characteristic of exercising the brand.You does
an advertisement the Hui with the bore.I use Lee always wave;You use to thank
Ting Feng.I use Sun Yan Zi.High peak of 20042005.See athletics channel to beat
an advertised Jin river to exercise in the Yang brand to reach to 40 more.
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