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spring state the shoe take a business enterprise to o

on Thu Feb 17, 2011 8:04 pm
The world cup of the world-wide attention
opens hostilities forthcoming.This not only represented nowadays a foot altar
32 pay a contending for of strong brigade.Is more local each profession to get
the soldier brand spreading of Zu shot war.On TV advertise a terminal
marketing.The spring Qi world cup integration's spreading a curtain has already
uncovered completely.

The strength Ba escorts to note 70,000,000
according to understand.Though the Yang sees the advertisement of this world
cup gold position all the price come to an an astonishing 120,000.There are
still many spring MBT Scarpe Qis
throwing in among them.Invite bids in the first advertisement in.The virtuous
Er Hui gets a gold advertisement in match with 3000 many ten thousand price
Jings segment.But strength Ba the men's wear then present a larger
handwriting.Its deputy governor connects into tell a reporter.Be subjected to a
benefit in before in 2002 and 2006 obtain for two world cup periods of Jiao
person dissemination effect.This time strength Ba men's wear makes moves more

With one action advertising to invite bids
in the Jing in this world cup must before the match, match in, add match etc.5
advantage advertisement position.And consequently paid 7000 many ten thousand
cashes.At connect into see.The world cup is well-deserved a social center
affairs.But it is mainly subjected to many communities with city male is
lord.This is exactly the target of strength Ba to be subjected to
many.Influence, concern and loyalty of comprehensive consideration game.
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