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HP dv8000t battery CT08

on Fri Jan 21, 2011 11:45 pm
Latest 12 cells dv8000 dv8000t battery(HP CT08 battery) for HP pavilion notebooks
12 cells CT08 battery VS 8 cells CT08 battery
Laptop/Battery HP dv8000t battery extended
Capacity 6600mAh 12 cells
Volt 14.8v
Color Black
Size 205.81*70.10*39.77mm a bit larger
Weight 639.22g
Running time: 3.5 hours dvd playing

Laptop/Battery HP CT08
Capacity 4400mAh 8 cells standard capacity
Volt 14.4v
Color Black
Size 205.81*70.10*20.77mm
Weight 356g
Running time: 2 hours offical working
The HP pavilion dv8000t can also working for

HP dv8133ea Battery HP dv8130us Battery HP dv8125nr Battery HP dv8120ca Battery HP dv8117ea Battery HP dv8116ea Battery HP dv8114ea Battery HP dv8113ea Battery HP dv8113cl Battery HP dv8110us Battery HP dv8102ea Battery HP dv8100 Battery HP dv8099xx Battery HP dv8088us Battery HP dv8075EA Battery HP dv8051EA Battery HP dv8050EA Battery HP dv8045EA Battery HP dv8040xx Battery HP dv8040us Battery HP dv8040ca Battery HP dv8035EA Battery HP dv8030EA Battery HP dv8029EA Battery HP dv8028EA Battery HP dv8027EA Battery HP dv8026EA Battery HP dv8025EA Battery HP dv8013xx Battery HP dv8013cl Battery HP dv8010EA Battery HP dv8005EA Battery HP dv8002EA Battery

Most popular Compatible batteries codes with dv8000t:

* EG417AA
* EF419A
* CT08
* 403808-001
* 396008-001
* 395789-003
* 395789-002
* 395789-001
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