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Reset Windows 7 Password in Different Situations

on Mon Jan 17, 2011 3:19 am
An increasing number of computer users show their favor to Windows 7 operating system these days. That would be the reason why more and more people are getting so frustrated by being locked out from Windows 7. So, we will introduce and demonstrate the steps on how to reset Windows 7 password.

Part A. For computers got more than one user accounts, however you must know at least one of the passwords.

It means you are able to get access to the computer with other accounts which you know the password, and then reset Windows password for the accounts you cannot log on.

Following are the steps for which you could have a try and also have been tested here by us.

Step 1: Log on with other account, and click Start icon then input "mmc.exe" into the search box and Enter. Now you are in Console.

Step 2: Click "File" > "Add/Remove Snap-in".

Step 3: Find "Local users and Groups" in "Available Snap-ins" on the left, click Add > Finish > OK.

Step 4: Display the "Local users and Groups" in Console Root, choose "Users" and right click on the account which you need to reset the password.

Step 5: Now you can input a new password without knowing the lost one.

However, there still are some defects for this method. As the account you are trying to reset the password will lose access to all of its encrypted files, stored passwords and personal security certificate. Please be no worried since there would be a warning when you run these steps.

Part B. For computers which get only one account or all the password of the accounts are lost.

At this time, you cannot even log on to the system or you can only get access to the windows log in page at most. Windows Password Reset is the one will be demonstrated here.

Sometimes when you are locked out from the computers, you are not able to download or install any programs to reset Windows password should you got one. But this can be easily solved; you can download the program and install it to another unlocked computer. For Windows Password Reset, you may need a CD or USB to burn the files on. Then the bootable CD/USB will bring you to DOS or Win PE to reset the password.

Step 1. Download and install the program.

Step 2. Burn the bootable disc or USB.

Step 3. Set BIOS to make the computer boot from the disc/USB.

Step 4. Enter into DOS or Win PE to reset Windows 7 password.

In addition, some people always get confused that why they need the password as a permission to download and install the program. That is because the computer is under secure and it will only accept the programs which are downloaded by the Administrator. So if you log on as other accounts and trying to reset Windows password for the administrator, then you may also need to download and install the program on another computer, just the same as what we introduced above.
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