HOT!LG LX5350 flex cable, LGVX-4500 flex cable,

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HOT!LG LX5350 flex cable, LGVX-4500 flex cable,

Post by tracy881216 on Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:43 pm

We are the international accessories resources of the mobile supplier.Our main products are mobile phone data cable.You can find the accessories resources of the mobile easier and faster.We offer not only the latest products but also the best service.Technology for developing,quality for surviving,service for customer,and good priducts to meet the demand of the Telecommunication market! sell:
LG MG610 flex cable, LG KG800 flex cable, LG C960 flex cable, LG TM-510 flex cable, LG VX-6000 flex cable, LG VX4400 flex cable, LG VX10 flex cable, LG TP 5200 flex cable, LG LX5350 flex cable, LGVX-4500 flex cable, LG VX-3200 flex cable, LG G4010 flex cable.
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Tel: +86-0757-82518846
Contact person: tracy
Colour Wind Technology Co.,Limited
Pls feel free to contact us without delay!
If you have any inquiries pls e-mail to us!
Any reply soon return will be very appreciated!


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