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how to develop the mathematics abilities of children from childhood with a game sudoku

on Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:38 am
This is the story of my nephew, how she really loves the game of Sudoku. And make it a clever student in mathematics at a young age. Read what he wrote about the game Sudoku.

You know what that is Sudoku? Sudoku is a mathematical game which I thought was exciting. The first time I knew the name Sudoku was from my friend. Previously I thought it was a card game. It turned out that Sudoku is a game that set the numbers to fit in the column and row place.

One day my mother gave a sudoku game sheets from the local newspaper saying, "Son, if you're good at math, you can certainly do this."

I'm trying to do Sudoku given my mother. At first I felt it was very difficult. But when finished, I felt sudoku are cool completely. Not until after I managed to do sudoku at level 3. I also worked on a level 5. Great it ...! He ... he ...!

One time my mother said, "What if sudoku sent to the competition in the local newspaper!" Suggested my mother. I also followed the advice. Because I do not have ID cards, I use my father ID card. Maybe that's why my reply is never received, even though my mom said my answers are correct. Terms of sudoku sender must already have ID cards or driver's license. Well if you had to wait a long time have ID cards.

At present, thank god, I'm out on selection in the gifted class Mathematics and Science Education Clinic. She's supposed to be able to add more knowledge and join all the Olympic competition or Mathematics. On the first day we learned, was his first job is to Sudoku. So good to, Sudoku!.

The conclusion of this story that soduko can improve and develop children's ability early on. A very exciting game to make children do not bored quickly so add her curiosity to solve the problem more difficult. So make your child become familiar with similar problems both at home and at school.

How to educate children from an early age in order to have super abilities in mathematics. Apparently the Sudoku game, you can train your child since the age of 6 years. By exercising your creativity and math skills early on. This is sudoku benefits for kids benefit applies :

> You would like a puzzle which will keep your kids happily occupied
> You want to develop your child's logic skills
> Your kids already enjoy Sudoku puzzles
> You want to develop your child's logic skills
> Your kids want to try Sudoku puzzles but find even the adult ones too difficult
> Your young child is gifted and needs to be stretched
> You are a teacher looking for a good time-filling activity for the classroom
> You run a children's club and are looking for quiet activities
> You want something special to enjoy with your child or grandchild

Children of all abilities enjoy the challenge of a Sudoku puzzle, if the puzzle is age-appropriate (bear in mind that many of the puzzles published in newspapers are too difficult for younger children). Sudoku puzzles develop your child's reasoning skills and concentration.

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