Shiny MSN Smileys to Show your MSN Emotions

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Shiny MSN Smileys to Show your MSN Emotions

Post by myemoticons on Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:43 pm

We have lots of yellow msn smiley faces so we thought we'd create a diverse race of colorful msn smileys. They're a lively bunch of msn emotions - watch out! We gave them a glossy look by polishing them a little to really make them sparkle. If you're looking for vibrant msn emotions for your msn messenger chats, get using these with your msn friends. There's a range of gleaming msn smileys bursting with msn emotions and expressions who are waiting to capture your attention. Who said msn smileys have to be yellow? We know that's the universal skin color but who decided that? We decided to bend the rules and paint our msn smileys several different colours.

Download Free Shiny MSN Smileys


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