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A Fun Spy Toy

on Mon Nov 15, 2010 12:25 am
[b][br][br]Every kid will want a spy toy at some point in his/her life, and this spy

watch is enough to make a wannabe spy kid drool. It is kind of bulky, but

is packed with the ability to take still pictures, videos, play individual (pre-loaded) spy missions/games, has a lie detector mode, and a voice hanger mode. What isn't to like?

The spy watch is ideal for the 8-10 year old group, and should keep your

kid(s) occupied for hours. For kids, just pushing buttons will get them

most of the way into all of the watch mechanics. The fact that he/she can

go to the company website for more entertainment options is a bonus, and

the fact that more missions are available if you purchase additional spy items is also nice.

The spy watch is a fun toy. It won't replace hand held video game devices,

but will be a fun item to play with for awhile. 4 stars because the battery life is

shortish. However, it is nice that the watch is rechargeable using a USB


NOTE: as others have written, the watch instruction booklet is hidden

in the side of the box with no indication that it is there. The watch also comes attached to a battery pack so a potential purchaser can use the "try me" mode. It is weird to snip the wires, but it is ok to do so. You are instructed to

dispose of the battery pack - I had a heck of a time getting the batteries out of the pack to recycle them properly.

Great deal on Amazon: 'Spy Net: Secret Mission Video Watch' by Jakks

[br][br][b] Get more detail :
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