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across the territory trade Reminbi balance of accounts shoe etc. business

on Tue Apr 19, 2011 12:56 am
Reminbi settles accounts prospect
however exactly has much market prospect to Reminbi balance of accounts.But the
business enterprise of Guangdong still hesitates.2008.The Yue harbor trade has
hinterland and the total amount of Hong Kong import and exports about 68.7%.The
trade of Yue Ao has hinterland and import and export total amount in Macau of
75.2%.Currently Guangdong and HongKong-Macau the two sides trade is settled
accounts with U.S. dollar.Once the exchange rate loss for exchanging pluses
service charge cost to have 2% of trading the amount of money around.Canvass
business bank(15.95,0.32,1.97%)(600036.SH)The branch office relevant personage
of Guangzhou means.For do business with Hong Kong trader of hinterland
manufacturer.Perhaps Hong Kong business enterprise in Guangdong.Of the two
sides are settled accounts with Reminbi.

Don't need again use to turn in
U.S. dollar.Can reduce exchange rate loss.The toy association general secretary
Wang Tie of Guangdong province means.Reminbi balance of accounts certainly
reduces exchange rate risk to Chinese business enterprise.But actually adoption
which trade settle accounts the active power of way to control in the
customer's hand.Chinese business enterprise to this of the active power is
obviously not enough.But the Guangzhou City a time Yu create to believe a MBT
shoe industry president Wu Zhen Chang to then mean.To processing
trade business enterprise.No matter the purchase still sells mainly what to
face is an Euro-American customer.The customer habitually uses currencies, such
as U.S. dollar and euro.etc. to carry on a calculation.Here trade very
difficult settle accounts with Reminbi.Is unique use of the trade arriving is
with the trade of Hong Kong re-exports company.But this part of trade volume is

Wang Tie thinks.Even if the
customer agrees to settle accounts with Reminbi.Does the price how make sure.It
is also a new topic.Because both parties want to consider the motion of Reminbi
exchange rate and and the exchange rate of U.S. dollar.Consequently and
presumably the business enterprise all woulded be careful behaviour in the
early years.The Chinese graduate division macroscopic economic analyst, Li Wei,
of Standard & Chartered Bank means.Reminbi trade balance of accounts
quantity wants to extend of premise.Being a hinterland the manufacturer's
trading partner has to can also accept Reminbi balance of accounts.
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