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The alignment of global economy is still not clear and distinct

on Sat Apr 16, 2011 2:00 am
Company's holding a list currently
quantity has already lined up till May.This accomplishment is also more
outstanding in the industry."This is mainly attributed to the companies
have been insisting of the product diversify of road.The export market is also
more balanced at the same time.The Euro-American specific weight isn't
big."Since March.The king respects it almost and wants to receive an
outside company for 3 days.Two months ago.He only receives an outside company
weekly.This sets alight him again the be full of ambition life ambition of
start a business enthusiasm.

Foreign trade export sum in Wenzhou
for 7.USD 7,400,000,000.Compare to increase in February 132.96%.Together
compare to increase 17.9%.Together compare to increase to soon rank the first
in the whole provinceses.Before once was fully broken by depressive glasses,
shoe and clothing and clothes
enclosure, to protect electric circuit device and synthesized tradition export
advantage merchandise in Wenzhous like Ge,etc.Also all there is the growth of
different degree.Among them shoe export 1.USD 8,100,000,000.Together compare to
increase 26%.To this.The shoe Ge profession association in Wenzhou City general
secretary thanks Rong Fang to say.

This has the host and guest view
the two greatest reasons.Is objective up.It are off seasons for front two
months.Get into peak season in March.There is growth in the reason.But from
subjective see.This supports with each"Tuo market, protect a growth"
of government to raise Cuo.And effort of the profession association and
business enterprise oneself is inseparable."However.Currently is sell peak
season.Outside company's activity is also multifarious.But this kind of
condition can keep on how long.My in the mind also has no bottom."The king
respects it slightly have some to anxiously say.From now on a period.
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