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The bathroom thing, family sweeps thing, glassware

on Fri Apr 15, 2011 12:55 am
The bathroom thing, family sweeps
thing, glassware, plastic product, a time of thing, fresh container and keep
fresh bag etc.6 fold to burst up surprisingly promotion;Stationery, literary
style thing 7.5 fold.At the same time.The merchandise activity of general
merchandise each floor of department is equally fascinating.The Kang Li rushed
to buy while limiting.Is new style of single shoe whole field 5 fold;Ya Yang
Xin's cabinet shows up.

The elegant gift mutually sends.The
shopping enjoys a counter member twice integral calculus;Admire Sen limit rush
to buy.All the year round shoe 5.8 fold;The part of Eland is full 200 save
100;The part of Prich is full 200 save 100.Buy a positive price merchandise
full 998 send a laptop bag of being worth of 498 dollars.The Pacific Ocean MBT
shoe of reporter, Zhang Jing, wrap a quarter hot the fire carry
on a this week end.The Pacific Ocean general merchandise shoe wrap a special
activity of quarter to continue hot fire to carry on.Movable period.The Pacific
Ocean general merchandise not only will release "high-heeled shoes queen
GOGOGO" to wait an interest activity.Return carefully selected the in great
quantities over-valued merchandise be provided for customer to purchase.If
think to add the diagram women's shoes original price 639 dollars, special
price 320 dollars.The COMICO women's bag original price 1928 dollars, special
price is 900 dollars.

SKAP is male's the shoe original
price 1380 dollars, special price 690 dollars etc..In addition.This very day
since go to May 23.The Pacific Ocean general merchandise COCOON summer clothes
are large to sell a meeting especially.Whole field 15 fold;Dragon Boat Festival
period.K'the S part is full 200 save 60, Udb part full 200 save 60, fair lady
house part 5 fold, the United States Jin thick golf part full 200 save 80, Wei
can much part 7 fold.Rui company of reporter, Zhang Jing Kai, all in May 21
days May 24 the green jade Qian sand area in Europe exclusively sell especially
25 fold.May 22 the 25th adidas is large to sell especially 37 fold.
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