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department shoe in wall Shanxi all create 10,000,000,000 markets in Chongqing

on Wed Apr 13, 2011 12:02 am
The March has already been basic
with last year same period to hold since the order even.The total amount has
till the end of April of the business enterprise have already got hold of more
than 100 orders.Among them, the big part is an old customer.Have already come
from England in the new customer, allied Qiu, Holland etc. nation of.These new
customers all sell a personnel to wait various path to fight for through a

At present.Rubber profession in
Wenzhou in succession actually recruit to reply.Have already formed strong
atmosphere that helps to push a development.China in Zhejiang the east rubber
limited company this year for replying to export an atrophying of market.Invest
more than 10000 dollars 100 to develop about thousand
MBT Scarpe shoe sole molding tools that suit local sale.Expanded a
river four retail price businesses of shoe sole markets in Wenzhou, such as
bridge and half waist bridge.etc..The business enterprise walks to export to
change to from original inside, outside give attention to both two roads to

From the shoe sole that does large
code change into to do more, small shoe sole.It is specialized to sell in the
local market.Well-known shoe Qi in the much more local house all places an
order to the company.The department secretary Liu He Quan says:"The
business enterprise situation is quite good this year and the transformation in
time get stripe to can not be separated.The total production value of the
business enterprise attained 70,150,000 dollars last year.Compared in early
years to reduce 100,000 pairs of shoe soles orders."Europe blessing in
Zhejiang sealed completely a limited company and China to become a permanently
strategic colleague for one aerospace Mitsubishi of vapor, Chen Yang, China
morning relation.
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