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"famous brand low price" strategy lift the sandals in summer again to sell an unrest especially

on Mon Apr 11, 2011 12:30 am
reporters learn of.For further and
thoroughly carry out "famous brand low price" strategy.Make the large
consumer of impregnable city truely be touched wear, can see of substantial-let
famous brand low price the shoe wear on citizen's the public's feet.Impregnable
city shoe industry huge warship gold Bai Chuan during July 10 to July 16 since
bring about the sandals in summer to sell an unrest especially once
again.According to the industry insider is analytical.

Gold Bai Chuan continuously of the
low price sell to raise Cuo to indicate the orchid state shoe
industry to retail the approach of terminal proper price revolution especially.But
the citizen common people will be this change to finally be subjected to
benefit and advocator.According to understand.This time summer sandals sell an
activity especially to keep on for a week.Then 100 beautiful, sky's beautiful
idea etc. is full 100 return 40 dollars cash;The Sen reaches to 100 consider as
200 flowers.Each kind of movable eyes not the Xia answer.

Big its scale, huge vehemence, big
strong and special range of appearance in really the gold Bai Chuan all
previous sessions promote sales an activity rare of raise.Even if consume
history in the impregnable city top is also very and rare.Rush to buy sandals
while limiting 4.9 fold.The member who hold exclusively over the weekend
particularly field sandals 4.5 fold.It is also a gold Bai Chuan to give
something back to the genuine feeling expression of faithful consumer.Scorching
summer.Remaining of the nervous work life for bringing consumer at 1:00 easily
a point recreation.
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