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the article in Wenzhou "appointment" a national store

on Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:41 am
August 22 Xun today.Wenzhou will the exhibition center
solemnly became article in Wenzhou and national general merchandise industry
the spot"blind date meeting" of the store.The representative director
of 100 allied group, Guangzhou general merchandise and Dalian big company group
etc. local general merchandise industries in more than 300 houses in Shanghai
and more than 30ses that hurtles toward the article in Wenzhou large shoe city
purchase the company together gather Wenzhou.

3- days"the article enter a store to connect an
exhibition" that is sponsored by city hall in Wenzhou and Chinese general
merchandise business association.Drew on a so many general merchandise industry
tycoon.Still belong to a first time."Some products in Wenzhou completely
can mutually match in excellence with international the same kind
product."Shout and Hao especially race group president's cloud text widely
scrutinize east the kind MBT Scarpe shoe of the skill shoe
industry be full of praise.Mean to welcome it to go into to halt the market at
any time.And would like to provide the best market position.Chinese the general
merchandise business association president of association Chu fixs to together
say to the reporter.

The association's characteristics recommendation aiming at
brand in Wenzhou many large general merchandise markets.Hope brand in Wenzhou
adjusts product structure.Do like inside achievement.Doing "in Wenzhou
buys" to greatly do together is strong."Wenzhou pleases so many
representative directors of general stores to come home doorway.Also all
support to subsidize an exhibition fee.It is a government to just pull order
for business enterprise.
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